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Who we are & What we stand for...

Ummm.....FLAVOR!!! To state it simply. Chris (Boy) and Pat (Mama)  are a mother and son team that enjoy great tasting food.


Pat grew up in a house where she learned a myriad of recipes and pairings of flavor profiles. Her passion for better flavor developed as she cooked and created her own brilliant dishes that have wowed people for years. Known as the type of "Mama" that seems to make food for an army when she's "in the lab," she's always there with a warm meal and a kind demeanor that'll keep you searching for a reason to stay.

Chris is the high energy guy that always has a smile on his face. His passion for people, which was at least partially learned from Pat, shines through when you ask him why their salsa is different from all the other choices on the shelf. His love for food was inherited from his mom's cooking and developed throughout the many opportunities he was awarded during his time in the food and beverage industry.


Chris and Pat have been making their salsa for the last 8+ years for themselves and for family and friends. When Chris brought some salsa to work to hand out as holiday gifts, the feedback was incredibly kind and people offered to pay for more moving forward.

With a small number of people ordering from them at this point, a market started to form and people were starting to become "regulars." In the beginning, family and friends that purchased the salsa, brought the first year totals to 1,000+ jars and it pushed their family to consider this as something that could be bigger than just a hobby.

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